I Finally Did It!

First of all, I hope you had a lovely holiday time, spent in a way that makes you happy. It feels like ages since I last uploaded, and I’m sorry about that. I kind of let life happen, which included getting ill just before the holidays. Great! I am experiencing a full on cold, and let me tell you, it’s not a cutesy kind of cold. Ooh no, it’s a “what the hell happened to your face?” kind of cold. It’s a “You sound like you’ve been smoking for 30 years” kind of cold. It’s a “I just want to cuddle up in bed and disappear” kind of cold. But… I’d still like to tell you about what happened last week.

Sooo… I DID IT! I got a f*cking tattoo, y’all! Any one of you who knows me, knows that I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for years, but I was always too scared, too anxious and just too much of a wuss to go and bloody do it.

So, let’s rewind a bit. After I had been living in Velp for a while, Lotte moved into the student building I lived in, which was full of guys, and I was so stoked to finally have a female housemate. We quickly became very close friends over glasses of wine and late night talks. We almost instantly felt a deep connection and started to dream big.

Lotte taught me that dreaming is important, healthy, and can make you feel so much better. You don’t have to make all your dreams come true, you don’t even have to pursue all the things you dream about, but I think it’s healthy to strive for bigger and better. We talked about anything and everything, and soon started to dream about travelling, building tiny houses, moving to the south of Europe, and a lot of other crazy stuff.

After we both graduated and moved back in with our parents, we didn’t get to see each other often. So, we started to have the longest phone calls you can imagine. I think our personal record is around 4 hours long or something ridiculous like that. After one or two glasses of wine too many, we jokingly said that we’d like to get a small tattoo of a wine glass to remember our time in Velp. But apparently it wasn’t that much of a joke, because it kept coming up every time we’d talk after that.

The more and more we talked about it, the more inspiration we gathered on google, the more ideas we got, the more serious it became. We started developing our idea into something more than just a tacky old wineglass. I have always known that I wanted to get a tattoo of a European Robin, and Lotte found out there is a type of finch that, in Dutch, gets called Charlotte. At some point we asked each other “IF we were to get that tattoo, which artist would you want to get it done by?”.

Instagram is a great way of keeping a portfolio, and we quickly found @mymy_tattoo. We immediately fell in love with her style and artwork. I’m generally too much of an overthinker, but Lotte isn’t, Lotte was like “f*ck it, I’m sending her a message”. From the moment we got in contact with Myriam, she’s been nothing but a sweetheart. We made an appointment to see her in Amsterdam on the 19th. So, in two weeks’ time, I was going to get tattooed by a woman I had never met before. I was going to let a stranger put something on my body that will stay there for the rest of my life.

Was I scared? Honestly, yes, of course I was a bit scared, or nervous rather. But I was feeling way less anxious than I thought I would. As soon as we set foot in the tattoo shop, I felt calmer. We were welcomed with open arms and immediately got offered something to drink. Once Myriam showed us what she had designed, most of my nerves disappeared, because let me tell you… It. Was. Stunning. Lotte and I looked at each other, looked at the design, and at the same time we both exclaimed a very certain “yes, this is perfect”.


After we decided on the size of the pieces, Myriam went to print the stencils. While she was getting everything ready, Lotte and I had to sign a form stating that we were sober and don’t have any skin diseases or disorders and all that stuff. Myriam came back with the stencils and got the tattoo chair ready. She sterilized the whole area, sprayed some kind of what I assume was disinfectant on everything, and wrapped the table, lamp and some bottles in clingfilm.

Throughout the whole process of looking at the design and deciding on the size and placement, Myriam was very accommodating. She told us that she’d be happy to change anything about the design if we didn’t like it, and that it was possible to see different sizes and how they looked on us. As soon as she put the stencil on my arm, I was hooked. To me, it was perfect.

As I sat down in the chair, Myriam made sure I was comfortable. She reassured me that I was going to be fine. I can’t tell you enough how sweet and gentle she is. As she traced the first few outlines, I thought to myself “is this it?”. That being said, after an hour or two of getting tattooed, it starts to get annoying. I noticed that the white ink hurt a bit more than the other colors. Myriam told me that’s because the white ink is a bit thicker than the other colors she used.

I think my tattoo took about two and a half hours to get done. Lotte was done in one hour and forty-five minutes. Everyone’s skin is different, and it can vary how well your skin takes the ink. Lotte’s skin is apparently easier to tattoo than mine. I would’ve sat there for four hours if I needed to, because I love this piece so much. I can already see why everyone keeps telling me that getting tattoos is addictive…


I had a lovely experience with Myriam at Walls and Skin in Amsterdam, and I definitely will be back at some point in the future. You can find Myriam at Walls and Skin in Rotterdam as well! If Myriam’s style is something you like, I can definitely recommend her. She is an absolute angel. So, here it is! The finished products. Have I already told you that I’m in love with it?

Where to find Myriam:

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