Love is Letting Go

Since this is my first post of 2019: Happy New Year! It has been quiet on here for a while, but that gave me a lot of time to spend with family and friends, go on trips, think things over and figure things out. Change and development is an ongoing thing, no matter how old you are. I learned a lot over the last few weeks to months. I learned to appreciate myself and spend time with myself, but most importantly, I learned to let go. After reading this post that kind of ‘went viral’, written by a Tumblr user going by the name ‘acutelesbian‘, I got inspired to write this piece.

Love was late night beach walks
Love was counting the stars while dreaming of the future
Love was going for drinks together
Love was losing myself in your eyes
Love was feeling like we had known each other for years
Love was tracing your fingers
Love was being glued to your lips
Love was going out for dinner
Love was not getting enough of you
Love was going on trips together
Love was remembering our first kiss
Love was you running through my mind all day
Love was going on trips separately
Love was giving each other space
Love was kissing each other goodnight
Love was reminding each other of our love no matter our differences
Love was telling you how beautiful I thought you were
Love was saying I never felt happier
Love was thinking I’ll never be happier
Love was hoping you’d never leave me

Love turned into giving each other even more space
Love turned into “I feel stuck”
Love turned into “I’m not made for relationships”
Love turned into dragging each other to events neither of us wanted to be at
Love turned into doing a lot of things for the sake of it
Love turned into feelings of hopelessness
Love turned into arguments
Love turned into “let it go”
Love turned into sitting together in silence
Love turned into us locking ourselves in different rooms
Love turned into living together but separately
Love turned into doing too much or not enough
Love turned into being terrified of the future
Love turned into being too hard
Love turned into not being enough
Love turned into too many or too little sacrifices
Love turned into too many or too little compromises
Love turned into constantly doubting ourselves
Love turned into blaming myself
Love turned into hopelessly holding on

Love is letting go
Love is choosing my own happiness
Love is taking care of myself
Love is getting to know myself better
Love is no longer doubting myself
Love is surrounding myself with lovely people
Love is appreciating myself
Love is investing in things that make me happy
Love is finding myself again
Love is picking myself up
Love is working on my mental health
Love is dreaming without limitations
Love is late night chats with amazing people
Love is no longer being terrified of the future
Love is only worrying about my own approval
Love is living for me
Love is a choice
Love is a commitment
Love is hard work
Love is mine

– LittleradRobin


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