We’re All Dancing to Our Own Rhythm

I have a craving for talking about life, dreams, feelings, emotions and everything in between. I want to connect with people, I want to get to know them better, I want to find a deeper meaning in my relationships with people.

Why do we invest so much time in having shallow, superficial, meaningless conversations, talking about nonsense that doesn’t matter in the slightest? Why does it feel like I’m wasting my time when I’m talking with very interesting people about insignificant topics? People really do sell themselves short. Everyone has so much to offer, but no emotions, feelings, dreams or passions are found on the surface. It feels like a lot of people push those things away and bury them deep within themselves. As if they feel scared or ashamed.

I once asked one of my friends what his dreams are. He replied by saying something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter, because it’s never going to happen anyway”, and that was the end of our conversation. People feel like their dreams are unachievable. Like their dreams are way out of their league. Like their dreams are only meant for a certain group of people. To me, it doesn’t matter if I do or don’t achieve all of my dreams. I do know that, in the meantime, my dreams are what keep me going. My dreams challenge me. My dreams are whatever I try to work hard on, no matter if and how many times I fail along the way. My dreams are the reason I tell myself what I’m doing is worth it. My dreams are, at the end of the day, what makes me feel human.

Why do we invest so much time in talking about the weather, games, TV-programmes or what so and so said to your friend’s cousin? Why do we stray away from hopes, dreams, feelings and emotions? Why do we avoid confrontation? Why do we avoid deeper connections?

Make time, put your phone away, look someone directly in the eyes, listen, hear, ask questions, cry your eyes out, laugh your heart out, sing, dance, touch, connect, dream, feel, live.

We’re all dancing to our own rhythm. But wouldn’t it be nice to invite each other for a dance every once in a while?

– LittleRadRobin




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