Photo Blog: Pink

Meet Pink, my friend Lotte’s cat. Pink is a strange kitty. She’s very vocal, loves being outside and will follow us around whenever we take the dogs for a walk, during which she meows the entire time until you reply or wait for her to catch up. She’s cautious of strangers, won’t get too close at first and might run away if you try to approach her. She’s a big pussy! (He-he)
I took these pictures in the morning after we had just woken up. She was sitting on the fence next to the caravan we were staying in. After sniffing my hand she started rubbing her face all over it. That was the first time she ever let me pet her.

I’m honestly quite proud of these photos. I always feel so blessed whenever an animal decides to trust me, and I’m happy I was able to capture how she allowed me to just be with her. I’ll leave you with a bonus picture as proof that she did, in fact, show interest in me, haha! Which one is your favorite?


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