Poetry: Shipwreck

My body is a shipwreck
A derailed train
An old secondhand bike
Ready to give up on me whenever

My body is a do-it-yourself kit
With lots of missing parts
Unable to be properly assembled
Desperately trying to hold it all together

My mind is an endless maze
A haunted house
Running around in circles
Unsure of what’s next

My mind is a hurricane
A forest fire
Unable to be directed
Destroying everything in it’s path

If I had to choose
Between darkness
Or pain

I’ll choose light
Over darkness

A troubled mind
Can’t take care
Of a broken body

And sometimes I wonder
How the hell
This shipwreck
Is still floating


Beautiful cover photo by Lucas Gruwez.

Written by littleradrobin

This is my little place on the internet. My thoughts, feelings and experiences. This is me. No strings attached. Completely untethered.

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