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It’s LittleradRobin’s goal to respect our readers’ personal data and offer the best possible user experience in the safest, most respectful and professional way.

Contact details LittleradRobin
Our web address is The website is run by Robin van den Bor. Would you like to get in contact with us? You can do this by sending an e-mail to, leaving a comment on one of our blogs, or by sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

What is personal data?
According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) personal data is all the information about an identified or identifiable natural person. This means the information about a specific person, or the information that is traceable to a specific person. There are a lot of different kinds of personal data. The most commonly known are your name and address. But also information that your browser automatically sends out, like your IP-address, is considered personal data.

Gathering personal data

  • Ads
    Ads are shown on LittleradRobin is signed up for WordPress’ WordAds program in which ads will be placed on our website by Automattic. Automattic uses comScore to analyse our target audience and the use of our website to be able to adjust the ads shown to our website’s visitors.
  • Comments
    You can leave comments on If you’re not a WordPress user, you’re meant to fill in your name and e-mail address whenever you leave a comment. Whenever you leave a comment, this data, including your IP-address, is visible to us. Other visitors will only be able to see your name, we keep the rest of your data information to ourselves.
  • Jetpack
    Whenever you manage a website with WordPress, you’re able to check your website’s statistics. The statistics function is made possible by Jetpack. In the statistics we can see how many visitors, views, comments and likes we get every single day. We can also see which country our visitors are from, which blogs or  pages they view, how they got to our website (via Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.), what kind of search words they use or which links they click on.

Saving personal data

  • Retention period
    Like mentioned above, we keep track of our statistics via Jetpack. IP-addresses will be saved for a maximum of 28 days. Comments on our blog posts will be visible for as long as the blog posts are online.
  • Readers younger than 16 years old does not have the intention to gather personal data from readers younger than 16 years old, unless they have permission from their parents or guardian. However, there is no possible way for us to check whether our readers are older than 16 years old. If you suspect we have gathered personal data from anyone younger than 16 years old, without any permission, please get in contact with us by sending an email to, we will make sure the data will be deleted.

Sharing personal data
LittleRadRobin shares in no way, shape or form your personal data with third parties.

Your rights about your personal data
When you visit, you automatically give permission to us to process your data. However, you do have the right to see, edit or delete your personal data. Aside from that you have the right to withdraw your permission or object to the processing of your personal data by LittleradRobin.

You can send a request to look in to, edit, delete or transfer your personal data or request to withdraw your permission or objection to the processing of your personal data to

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Changing Privacy Policy
Although most changes will probably be minimal, there is a chance LittleradRobin might change her Privacy Policy some time. We will immediately notify our website’s visitors of any changes in the Privacy Policy. If you choose to continue to use our website after any changes in the Privacy Policy are made, you automatically agree with those changes and give us permission to process your personal data as stated in the newest version of the Privacy Policy.

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